5 Awesome Things Orgasm Does For Your Brain

Besides the obvious reasons orgasm is a girl’s best friend, it’s also your brain’s.

Researchers have known that orgasm brings women many health benefits, like boosting your immune system, but not many know about the benefits it brings to your brain. Scientific American author Judith Horstman wrote in her book, The Scientific American Book of Love, Sex, and the Brain: The Neuroscience of How, When, Why and Who We Love about the 5

1. Nourishes Your Brain

During sex, your brain is getting blood pumped to it, thus increasing blood flow. Similarly, your heart rate rises along with your breathing, causing oxygen flow to your brain. The same thing happens on a run or any cardio exercise.

So if you’re looking for new ways to spice up your cardio routine, try skipping it at the gym and just get a booty call. It’s better than running on a treadmill for 20 minutes!  Now you have even more motivation to learn how to fuck – so you can get smarter, duh!

2. Relaxes Your Brain

You know that euphoric, dazed feeling you get after cumming? It’s because orgasm releases a hormone in the brain called oxytocin that stimulates your brain and your body with feelings of relaxation. Having sex makes you feel so relaxed that dopamine is also the reason for why you feel sleepy after orgasming. After having sex, it can actually leave you in a better mood the next day, too, and serves as a de-stressor to improve your mood. So it turns out there’s some truth to the old saying “you need to get laid,” when someone is acting irritable and pissy.

Also, having orgasms and engaging in sex can relieve anxiety and depression. Not only is oxytocin released during sex, but dopamine as well, the ultimate “feel-good” neurochemical. Oxytocin and dopamine combined work to activate the reward system in our brains that’s responsible for providing us with healthy stimulants that give off that dopamine rush.

3. Ease Pain

Not only does orgasm get you off, but it also relieves pain! The most natural painkiller on the market, orgasm helps to increase the pain threshold thanks to oxytocin and other endorphins that release during climax.
A study done at Rutgers University that observed women who masturbated to orgasm found that the pain threshold increased from 74.6% to 106.7%.

4. Improves Memory

Dehydroepiandrosterone, a.k.a DHEA, is an endogenous steroid hormone that many people take as supplements. But instead of taking pills, you could just have sex and get the same benefits. The increase of DHEA your body releases in orgasm is linked to improving memory.

Also, the growth of cells in the hippocampus region of the brain happens during sex. The hippocampus is a central area for long-term memory, which means that having sex and having it often will lead to more growth of these cells, potentially preventing memory loss and dementia.

5. Renews Your Brain

Orgasms can prompt new cell growth in the brain, as a study on rats has shown from the University of Maryland. Here, they found that these rats increased their production of new brain cells.
If these aren’t good enough to make you hop into bed as soon as possible with your boo, just remember how good it feels! The reasons for having frequent orgasms in your life just keep getting better and better, and as we can see, healthier too.

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